Draw and Explore. That’s is my slogan. I allways was interested in people, places and situations. And so I love to draw in cities, at events, while traveling, in bars or cafes. I just love capturing what interests me in my sketchbooks and reporting what I explored. So “on location drawing” and “reportage drawing” found me more than I looked for them. And now we are in love.

Some drawings lead me to printmaking or other explorations, but I first of all I love that first hand experience while drawing on location.  

Born in 1972 in East Germany, I allways drew all my life and wanted to study art soon. In preparation for the Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden, Germany, I attended several years of preparation classes organised by the Acadamy. I learend a lot from Jan Buck (+2019) and many other great people and artists. 

During the peaceful revolution in East Germany in 1989 (I was 17 back then.) I came in contact with Christians for the very first time in my life. I was so impressed by them in so many ways and I really wanted & needed to know more about Jesus and his worldview. It was a longer way, but finally I decided not to study art but theology. And I enjoyed it! Later I discovered a quote I still agree with:

„The art is not the bread, but the wine of life.“ 

Jean Paul, German Autor (+1825)

So I always loved art, but I needed the “bread of life” first. And I still do: for my life, my family and for my art. Today – next to my art – I love to work as theologian, mentor, councillor and networker in a christian association especially for artists.

Many artists and friends influenced me over the years. In the last years I loved the connection with the worldwide community of URBAN SKETCHERS. It connects me with many like-minded people around the world. In 2017 I co-founded the Urban Sketchers in Leipzig. And so there is allways more to draw and explore…

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