On September 20th 2019 in many cities of the world people demonstrated for climate change. So in Leipzig, too. 10.000 were expected. 25.000 came!!!

For my first drawing I was happy to get a place just behind the main stage on Augustusplatz.

That satirical singer/songwriter sang in a song “I will learn now something useful for future: Photosynthesis!”

I liked how the inscription of the „Kroch-building“ at the Augustusplatz supported the demonstration of #allefürsklima! The Latin words could be translated with „Everything is possible by effort“! Let’s hope that!

After the main demonstration on Augustusplatz all the 25.000 demonstrators surrounded the inner city of Leipzig in several sections. “Parents for Future”, “Scientists for Future” and many others including my personal favourite “Artists for furture” followed there own leading vans. The “Ökolöwe” – a ecological association here – were the only one using a bike instead of a car, van or transporter!

I loved that and thought: Well, we all still have to learn …

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