The Urban Sketchers of Potsdam invited us to visit them. And I was so impressed again by that wonderful city of kings and emperors. And we even couldn’t go to the famous castel & park Sanssouci! But there is so much more to see in Potsdam. We just went some hundert meters near the lake Heiligensee, and see what we explored…

The Glienicker Brücke is a very special place in history. It was connecting East Germany with West Berlin during the Cold War. Important exchanges of spies and political prisoners that had been captured in East or West Germany took place here. Therefor reporters called it „The Bridge of Spies“.
Some sketcher friends form Berlin came across that bridge so easily that has ben 30 years ago part of the uniron wall.

Just some meters further form the Glienicker Brücke the „sailor’s house“  in Norwegian style was kind of a leisure object of Emperor Wilhelm II.

In WWII it was destroyed and during the Cold War in the middle of the border area inaccessible. Now it has been reopened as a Café/ restaurant with a cute little harbor next to it.

While we were drawing there, probably ten people passing by said that the café only opened after a long fight with the celebrities living on the shore next to it.

What luck the Café won! It’s really a little jewel!

Castel „Cecilienhof“ just some meters further the way is the place where the „Potsdam Conferece“ took place in summer 1945. Stalin, Churchill and Truman planed here, how to organise post-war Germany. Such a lovely garden and place today…

After so much of the 30’s and 40’s we went to the caf „Garage du Pont“. Also not far from the Brige as the name says! It’s build in an old gas station and includes an oldtimer museum. I couldn’t go without a little sketch of the old Citoên while we were chatting and waiting for our „Flammkuchen“ with the Potsdam sketcher friends.

What a nice day! Thank you Urban Sketchers Potsdam!!!

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