I recently came across Christoph Niemann’s “Sunday Sketches”. Really awesome. He takes an everyday object and tries to reinterpret it from an unfamiliar point of view, to tell a story that actually has nothing to do with the subject.

I thought, I want to try that too. At least one thing. Just for fun. The first thing that came into my hand was this weird but super handy clip that I used to close my sketchbook.

And so I started.
My Goal: Ten versions of the same clip!
Here they are: 
1) Family Council.
Vive la France!
For all the parcel deliverers.
I honestly think allways twice
if I order something or not.
Thanks to all, the neighbor’s flowers
on their vacation.
No idea what happened here…
Greetings to Alexander Gerst!
Should I do more sports …?
Summer is tricky…
Be careful while BBQ!
These days someone really wants
weapons in space.
I mean honestly!
I wished I could…

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