I was invited to draw at the CENTRAL CONFERENCE of CENTRAL ARTS in Rapperswil near Zurich, Switzerland in September 2019. More the 200 Artist from Switzerland, Germany, UK and some more countries came together to get inspired and connected through artist interviews, workshops and a lot of concerts.

My job was to draw the twelve special guest during during their 10-20 min interviews and presentations. Immediately after each interview, I put the drawings in frames and gave them directly to the guests. Therefore, unfortunately, I do not have any photo of these drawings beside a glimps of the one for Tobias Gutmann.

Tobias Gutmann is an Zurich based artist. Among other projects he travels the world and draws people in a very special way. He says, he want to capture the sound of a person. He is doing it with lines and graphic figures. Check out his face-o-mat. I like it a lot.

He spoke later at a panel together with Thomas Mandl, Munich. I was really impressed by Thomas Mandl. He and his photo based projects renewed my hope in the ability of art to influence the society!

An other highlight was to get to know Tom Lupo a Stuttgart, Germany based artist and founder of ART HELPS. He and his team invite people in difficult situations to creates art. I’m amazed what projects in countries like Iraq or the East Ukraine they do. Art as a way to share love, spread creativity and plant hope. They did every day of the conference a project with a differed group of refugees here. Really intense times! But when almost everybody left the room after a long workshop day the staff got wild again! Painting, printing, creating even more…. What creative energy in that people!!!! I loved it and had to draw them. 

Tom Lupo in the back looks on my drawing a little bit like Vincent van Gogh… at least I think so … and in fact his hair has really a reddish touch and both of them carry the same endless creative energy in themselves…

And here some more reportage drawings from Central Conference.

A great applause & thank you to the team of Central Arts. You did such a great job in preparing it all! Looking forward to next year!

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