Here some drawings I could do during the exhibition project “DIN [<]” (Oct 2nd-6th) in Leipzig. A big thanx to all the organisers!

A great concept! A mixture of exhibition and selling art, lot of chances to meet artist and art lovers, concerts & performances, and the three (German) “Ks” “KÜNSTLER, KAFFEE & KUCHEN” (Artist, coffee, and cake).

Proudly I could present my “episodes of the secret life of my fold back clip” and loved how people reacted on it.

Postcard-sets of a limited edition of 60 are still available. If you are interested, just contact me.

Yeah, and here some of my drawings I did during the exhibition.

Visitors and the table with contact cards, little artworks to by and the beloved “wonder bags”…
Maria Schüritz performing at the vernissage.
Performance “The beautiful odyssey” by Kay Liemann. The visitors became participants by listening to interviews…
ARIK DOV and Band in concert. Great folk music and as you might know… I love double bass! 😉
And always good time to meet and talk. Here at the bar…

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