Honestly: I’m not a big friend of the winter time. But the lockdown calls for movement so out: Through the Leipzig floodplain forest with my little sketchbook (A6, 4×6”), a water-soluble pen and my watercolors in hand. And surprise: It was frosty, but not toooooo cold to sketch for a while….

All drawings on site, 14x20cm, water-soluble graphite pencil and watercolor.

How beautiful in the winter the colors disappear and reveals the view of the essential structures.
… and how surprisingly strong the orange of the wood!
One of my favorite places in the Leipzig floodplain forest is this spot: A tree crosses a water culvert, so you can walk over it. Only on frosty days like these it is too slippery…. I really liked the sun shining through the forest. Even though I’m not a big fan of winter time, when the sky is blue and open, everything is good 😉
REST IN PEACE: In Leipzig’s Auwald – a floodplain forest – , a lot of efforts are made to preserve the natural processes in a forest that is permeated by water, very fertile and often flooded. This leads to the fact that here you can also see large trees that have simply fallen down and then slowly rotted… This trunk was already quite hollow inside and the man-sized root has sunk almost halfway into the ground over time.
Wild boars in Leipzig’s wildlife park. In these lockdown times, which are somehow very work-intensive for me, I enjoy every day when the sun comes out and I find time for a short walk. And I am amazed at what there is to observe in the immediate vicinity. How grateful one becomes for boars in an enclosure when all zoos are closed.
Five snowmen to be found on the playground near the “Auwald” forest.

“In the depths of winter, I finally learned that there is an invincible summer within me.”

Albert Camus

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