I was always interested in people. That’s a reason for working as a mentor and counselor. But also to draw people. It is as challenging as counselling. But while drawing, I discover a lot. Someone said once to me: “Oh, it’s so special to be drawn, I feel kind of loved… “

I got to know Stefan at the Urban Sketchers Symposium in Augsburg 2019. While we were having a little breakfast near the Town Hall the sun came out so beautifully…  I had time to make a little portrait sketch.

Constantin is also a fellow sketcher. A brilliant artist and a great guy!
Every year in Leipzig meet lots of very special dressed people to a “victorian picknick” in a park. Fun to sketch and get to know some of them.
Some of the very quick sketches during a Jazz concert during CSI2019.
Every minute counts. But what talented musicians an what a great music…
I unfortunatly do not play any instrument. So I’m always impressed by people that do like Reto a Piano teacher from Switzerland. Pure concentration while he was rehearse for a concert.
Sometimes I love to meet and sketch with some friends in a pub. Like Valentina.
Ups, what was that text massage about??? Captured in a café.
Lovers in an Irish pub in Toulouse… I love that kind of encounters…

While I was drawing in a park I observed this little scene: A father was talking with his daughter and the little grandson was keeping his mother busy… I had to stop my other drawing an try to capture it…
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