Leipzig is my hometown for a quarter of a century now. And I really love it. Its a perfect city to life in and a wonderful place to visit.

Here are some sketches to make you curious. They don’t cover the very touristic places but some of my favourites…


The Asian style roof of the traditional “Café Riquet” meets the tower of the 800 years old Nikolai Church in the very centre of Leipzig. For me two very symbolic places in my city. Riquet was a Hugenott, a French protestant refugee. His family became merchants and traded later with coffee, cacao, chocolate and tea. That building symbolizes for me 800 years of Leipzig as a city of trade fair.

The Nicolai Church is almost as old as the city and dedicated to the Saint of trading and merchants, Saint Nicolas. But in 1989 it became meaningful as the place where the peaceful revolution in East Germany started by a peace prayer movement in that church.

Let’s have a look inside..

A very quick sketch of the columns inside the Nikolai Church. Palm trees, fige branches and a lot of light breathes a spirit of freedom here.


The historical intérieur of the Riquet is very lovely, too. A good place to have a break and a coffee.

The Cabaret SANFTWUT is one of the many cabarets in Leipzig. It is situated in the Mädlerpassage.

The historical stock exchange is one of the first barock buildings in town. In front of it you can see the statue of the young Goethe. He studied here in Leipzig law, but he didn’t like it a lot and took a lot of drawing lessons… I like that.

The “Klinger Haus” belonged to the family of the Leipzig artist Max Klinger. He was born himself in the predecessor building. If you don’t know Max Klinger have a look! I especially like his etchings.

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